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Hello, I’m Caitlin. I’m an artist & designer working in many mediums — paint, textiles, pattern design, interior design, graphic design, and ceramics. I grew up in a small rural town in Southern Illinois, moved to New Orleans, Louisiana for undergrad, moved to Savannah, Georgia for graduate school, and then returned back to New Orleans. My Bachelors degree is in English and Studio Art (Painting) from Tulane University and my Masters degree is in Fibers (Textile Design/Print & Pattern) from the Savannah College of Art & Design. I have a passion for making things beautiful and I spend my days designing, painting, reading, collecting fabric, coming up with painting and pattern ideas, decorating my home, dreaming up DIY house projects to make my husband, (and high-school sweetheart) Andrew, help me complete, cooking (and living a gluten-free lifestyle), working on sewing/crafting/quilting/crochet projects, writing/blogging, traveling and exploring nature, and snuggling my kitty, Violet. I deeply believe in living a life with intention and I strive to live with my guiding values in mind: simplicity, creativity, mindfulness, and adventure.

I started this blog early on in my undergrad days as a creative outlet, hoping that it would help me figure out the path to where I was going (keeping my sanity during hard and frustrating college courses) and document the process along the way. It is my place to share my projects and inspiration. You might be asking, why “icing on the cake?” It’s cliché, I know. But it seemed to fit when I was 19 and named this blog. My family all calls me “Cake,” a nickname that stuck when my little sisters were young and couldn’t quite pronounce the “Cait” in Caitlin. Now, they are more than old enough to pronounce it correctly, but I have nieces who prefer that I be “Aunt Cake.”  To me, beautiful art and design and the things I share here really are the“icing on the cake” in life.

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